Finally! A Mophie Juice Pack for my iPhone 5

I burn through my iPhone battery like there’s no tomorrow. The one thing that gave me pause when my husband surprised me by upgrading my phone was that I’d no longer be able to use my Mophie Juice Pack.

Early this week, I got an pre-sale email from Mophie which elicited a huge sigh of relief:

Five years of innovation in one juice pack.

The juice pack helium is the result of meticulous testing, condensed battery cells and insulated edge-to-edge protection. With up to 80% more battery life, you’re covered all day, every day.

Buy Now.

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 is , now available for pre-order through and expected to ship nationwide on February 19. It costs $79.95, and is the thinnest case that Mophie has created to date. The case has a 1500mAh battery which will provide iPhone 5 users with an added 80 percent extra charge in a sleek case (currently available in dark metallic or silver metallic.)

You can see the promotional video here .

Will it really be the best Mophie yet? I can’t wait to find out at the end of the month!

**Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.**