Pump Ease Pumping Band …Look Ma! No Hands! Free shipping code & Giveaway

Breastfeeding didn't work at all with my first child, now that I'm chugging along with my second, I have been desperately seeking any and all help with making this experience more palatable for the both of us. 
Pumping, in my mind, is basically a necessary evil–equal parts bizarre, boring and unpleasant.
I mean, get real, who really wants to be hooked up to a milking machine?
I searched high and low for a pumping band that would help me multi-task like the crazy busy mom that I am…
I first tried the Easy Expression Bustier which is a stiff white band that, though it did the job, made me feel like I was wearing a straight jacket.  When I looked at the Pump Ease website, I was amused that I could order it in a bunch of patterns that made the band look more like an accessory for a fembot than anything else (Note: This is NOT a picture of me!)
When it arrived, I was instantly impressed by the softness and stretchiness of the fabric (made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex) and the cool-factor of the Tuxedo pattern that I had selected.  The Pump Ease definitely continues to make pumping a less dreadful experience. Also super cool? $1 from the on-line sale of every Pump Ease goes to Best for Babes , a non-profit organization which non-judgmentally supports women achieve their own breastfeeding goals.

Two caveats with this band: 1) You may need to wash it and put it in the drier or hang it to dry (I have been warned that using the drier may damage the fabric) every so often so that it doesn't get too stretched out of shape (which will negate the hands-free option) and 2) If you haven't pumped or fed in a long while and are somewhat engorged, you may want to take a break from the band so that the seal on the breast pump horns isn't so tight that you get even more engorged.

To win your very own Pump Ease, leave a comment by July 8th detailing what great multi-tasking feats this product will help you accomplish .  Winner will be chose using random.org

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If you just can't wait to own your very own Pump Ease, you can use the code FREESHIPPABNY to receive free shipping in North America on all orders.

13 thoughts on “Pump Ease Pumping Band …Look Ma! No Hands! Free shipping code & Giveaway

  1. I pump both at home and at work, so there are lots of things that having my hands free allows me to accomplish! In no particular order:
    *Folding laundry
    *Reading a book (turning pages is killer without hands)
    *Taking a conference call (on mute, tho!)
    *Responding to e-mail

  2. I’ll be able to write blog posts while I pump or read a book while pumping in the bathtub! What a cool product!

  3. I think this could help me complete house work, or maybe even read a book. If I do have to go back to work I think this will be great when I have to take my lunch to pump I can actually eat at the same time.
    (I wonder if you can pump while driving…:))

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