Building Immunity? Bah…

Flu shots:Check.

Copious hand washing: Check.

Well balanced diet and appropriately warm clothing: Check Check.

Ah, the winter cycle has started…

My daughter was sick last week, she had 103+F fever with all of the fun symptoms of a full-body virus: coughing, sneezing, puking…you name it.  Just as her virus is winding down to sniffles, her big brother's fever is winding up–101.8F, as of this morning.

Besides being exahusted from lack of sleep, you know what really bugs me?  I totally knew this was coming.  If one gets sick, the other gets sick…and I'm probably next.

If one more person tells me that they are building immunity, I may very well completely lose my mind. Even as a teacher, I still caught every bug that was brought into the classroom, and after 8 years of marriage I get every cold that my husband brings home.  This immunity argument just isn't working for me 🙁