American Academy of Pediatrics Swoops in to Protect Parents from Formula and Magnets

Let it be said  from the outset that I think breastfeeding is wonderful and that I do not believe that you should let your baby ingest magnets of any kind.

I do find the juxtaposition of the two announcements from the AAP somewhat amusing, though.

The resolution about formula is bound to bring out another round of the Mommy Wars–rabidly pro-breastfeeding/anti-formula, rabidly pro-formula and all the people who just want to live and let live:

WHEREAS, breastfeeding is the normal, physiologic way to feed newborn infants; and
WHEREAS, not breastfeeding increases the risk of adverse health outcomes in mothers and their infants; and
WHEREAS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Surgeon General have stated strongly and clearly that patients must be protected from commercial infant formula marketing

RESOLVED, that the Academy advise pediatricians not to provide formula company gift bags, coupons, and industry-authored handouts to the parents of newborns and infants in office and clinic settings.

Almost simultaneously, the AAP also lauded the CPSC for pulling a variety of  magnetic toys off the shelves which “have caused unnecessary surgeries, debilitating injuries, irreversible gastrointestinal damage and other lifelong health impacts in infants, children and adolescents” as a result of small children ingesting them.

Now clearly, breast is best and one should not let small children play with dangerous magnets…but am I the only one who feels like the AAP is swooping in like the very worst kind of helicopter parent here?

Being given a formula sample in the hospital is not exactly akin to pouring it down your baby’s throat and being able to purchase a magnetic desk toy should not mean that you are leaving your unattended toddler to play with it and horribly injure himself.

I am left shaking my head in confusion.



2 thoughts on “American Academy of Pediatrics Swoops in to Protect Parents from Formula and Magnets

  1. I think it’s the parents job to protect their kids from eating small magnets. In my opinion, this is one step away from banning hot water because it could burn a child. They can’t protect all kids, if their parents insist on being dumb and not watching them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. =/

    On the formula thing, it seems weird and unfair. You are not forced to give your baby free formula samples. And what if you can’t breastfeed, you should at least be able to still request the samples and free gifts in that case…

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