A Lyme Disease Scare

This has been quite a week!

On Monday, the same day that I had the bedbug sniffing dog came to visit, I also had to take my 5 year old son to the doctor for a strange bullseye rash that had appeared in two places on his body. My first thought was ringworm, but then discovered that he needed to have a blood test to rule out Lyme Disease.

Have I mentioned that my kiddo is allergic to Amoxicillin and Cephalosporins–the two most common drugs used to treat Lyme Disease in children?  And it was a visit to the beach (!) for Labor Day weekend that set off more red flags for the doctors…did you know that you are at risk for Lyme Disease on the beach? I religiously sprayed my kidlets with eco-friendly bug spray anytime we were in a wooded area or in lots and lots of grass…but the beach? Nope, hadn't occurred to me.  I mean, when was the last time you saw a deer take a dip in the ocean?

Thank goodness, as of noon today the blood test came back negative for Lyme.

We still have no idea what the rash was…but, as it seems to be going away on its own, we're just going to chalk it up to a stressful but harmless mystery.

I swear, I have been at the pediatrician with strange stuff so often over the last few months that the doctors should pay ME for keeping them in publishable material 😉

3 thoughts on “A Lyme Disease Scare

  1. Not to scare you but PLEASE take a picture of this rash. Many times Lyme is missed due to inaccurate testing. The test is looking for antibodies and special markers. Antibodies are not always present too early. AND the testing to show markers is very stringent and hard to diagnose from this. The CDC says that a diagnosis is NOT to go based on testing alone. If your child presents with fever, body aches, chills or joint pain, etc. (much like a bad flu) Get him back in ASAP. I am a person whose diagnosis was missed and I am living a life of disability and loss now. It has been over 10 years.

  2. I would concur with the first request. After 11 years of being misdiagnosed, I am now being treated for chronic Lymes with an ILAD physician. Only 1/10 tests will show positive. Most Lyme specialists will treat if you find a tick and no rash/other symptoms. Untreated Lymes can be neurologically and physically devastating as I have learned. Much prayers your way.

  3. Thank you for your concern!
    The rash is almost gone, all on its own…and my son is feeling totally fine–no fever, aches or pains. I will absolutely pay attention if any strange symptoms arise or if he’s feeling even a teeny bit unwell in the next few weeks and insist on a follow-up blood test.

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