Is there a connection between spanking and aggressive behavior?

Who hasn't looked into the eyes of their sassy misbehaving child and just wanted to throttle him or her? Or, at the very least, to deliver a well-placed swat? 

Before I get myself into trouble, I should say that t I
don't believe in spanking children or corporal punishment of any kind. 
As a teacher, I also saw the detrimental affects that spanking had on
specific children.

In an article on Time Magazine's website, Alice Park quotes a recent study at Tulane University in which children who were spanked at age 3 were found to exhibit aggressive behavior at age 5. 

Now, I'm not sure why it should be such shocking news that aggressive behavior begets more aggressive behavior–in fact, it seems pretty obvious to me.  Problem is, that the American Association of Pediatrics comes out in favor of time outs as a way of controlling behavior, a method which a large number of people (including child development specialists and lowly old me) consider to be virtually ineffective.  The only think which I have found to work so far is a healthy dose of 'this too shall pass'.

I'm thinking that the only tenable solution might be to shrink wrap my kids until they reach adulthood. Any takers?

2 thoughts on “Is there a connection between spanking and aggressive behavior?

  1. i 100% agree (as i said) and would never use corporal punishment of any kind–still looking for an acceptable discipline solution, though…

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