Eggrolls & Eggcreams #wordlesswednesday

I have been meaning to take my family to this festival for the past couple of years, but something has always thrown a wrench in the schedule.  This year we finally made it, and we’ll definitely be back!

Where else can you decorate your own yarmulka/kippa (Jewish ritual skullcap), take part in a tea ceremony, bake a challah, learn chinese, make a traditional papercut, listen to Klezmer and cantorial music and snack on a kosher vegetarian eggroll and a chocolate eggcream all in a 120+ year old working Orthodox synagogue?!

To find out more check out the Museum at Eldridge Street

Eggrolls and Eggcreams festival


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16 thoughts on “Eggrolls & Eggcreams #wordlesswednesday

  1. That sounds like a fun festival! And it’s awesome that it’s in a 120+ year old working Orthodox synagogue! I’d probably be distracted by looking at all the historical-ness of the building. 🙂

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  2. How cool. After when I read skull I was thinking something like sugar skulls a Jewish version of Mexico’s Dia de Las Muertes. Took me a few lol Looks like a ton of fun!

    Thanks for linking up

  3. I actually used to work for Rabbi William H. Lebeau, former Dean of The Rabbinical School, Vice Chancellor and Chairman of the Department of Professional Skills, and Lecturer of Professional Skills at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America of Conservative Judaism in New York City. The idea of decorate your own yarmulka/kippa sounds so fun for families to do together!

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