My Family’s Yearly Pilgrimage to Sesame Street Live #sesamestreetlive

We are huge Sesame Street fans in my house. There are few television shows that I not only find appropriate for my kids, but can actually sit through and enjoy myself–Sesame Street makes the short list.

Since my 6 1/2 year old son was about 3, every year we have gone to see our Sesame friends sing and dance on stage at Madison Square Garden. This year was his third or fourth show, and it was my 3 1/2 year old daughter’s second. It really never gets old.

And yes, once again we were suckered into buying both the popcorn and the cotton candy.

sesame street live 13 Collage

For the last year or two, Sesame Street Live has added a bonus Play Zone, which is basically a variety of different Sesame Street themed photo opps. Though there was some pushing and shoving as a massive group of adults tried to simultaneously take perfect pictures of their children in Big Bird’s nest, in Zoe’s Dance Studio and cute cutouts of many of the other characters, all of the children seemed to having a blast and were blissfully unaware of the shenanigans of their folks.

We lasted out there a bit, and then my kids were too excited to wait any longer to enter the theater.

This year the theme of the show is Elmo’s Super Heroes . The storyline is really sweet–Super Grover seems to have lost his super-ness , so his friends take over his missions from super commander The Big Cheese. Together, The Fabulous 5: Captain Fuzzy (Elmo), Glitter Girl (Abby), Wonder Zoe and Rock Rock (Zoe and pet rock Rocko) and Triangle Boy (Telly) use their super prowess (with the help of super helper Kay, the token non-costumed actor) to solve 5 problems and teach healthy lifestyle habits. At the end, having learned about nutrition, rest, hygiene habits and exercise, they are able to use their knowledge to reinstate Grover’s super-ness.

sesame street live 13 Collage2

And of course, all of the lessons involve lots of singing, dancing and a super cheer:

Clap your hands!

Stomp your feet!

The Fabulous 5 can’t be beat!

As we added the new Sesame Street Live CD to our collection, I have a feeling that that cheer will be ingrained on my family’s memory for quite a while to come!

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**Disclaimer: I received tickets to Sesame Street Live. All views are my own. This review was written in conjunction with New York Family Magazine**