My Pain is Your Gain: Nursery Swab Test Results and Diaper Genie II Elite Giveaway!

I must tell you, I suffered some serious ageda between the time that I send off my germ swabs to Dr. Tanner and the time that I received my results.  Basically, instead of my children drifting off to sleep counting sheep (does anyone really do that?) I had a passing image of them counting bacteria instead…(they actually do kind of look like fuzzy little creatures,don’t they…)

Shocker of all shockers, in spite of the fact that I choose to spend time with my children and cook yummy food rather than obsessively clean, the results weren’t too bad 🙂

There were absolutely NO Enteric or E. Coli bacteria, and an underwhelming number of garden variety germs on the swabs.

Despite the fact that my 2 year old still loves to put everything in her mouth, an unwashed plastic toy still came up pretty low on the germ continuum.

Even the inside of my wipe warmer, which I basically assumed was a breeding ground for all kinds of nastiness, turned out to be ok.

The most amazing thing of all? The swab from the doorknob of my daughter’s room tested for ZERO bacteria.  I guess we’re doing a good job of washing our hands thoroughly. Phew.

Dr. Tanner was also nice enough to pass along some tips for those who aren’t the paragons of cleanliness that we are, lol:

1. Use disinfectants to remove germs.  To use them safely, move your baby out of the way, spray disinfectants liberally and wipe the surface with a wet cloth to remove any chemical residue.

2. Know your nursery’s hot spots: floor, changing table, toys, hamper and toy box are all hotbeds of germs!

3. Eliminate messes during changing time: Have a dedicated changing area and try to streamline your changing process to get dirty diapers quarantined as quickly as possible.

To help you keep your own nursery clean, Playtex has provided me with a Diaper Genie II Elite and a Diaper Genie II Elite Single refill to giveaway!

The best parts of this garbage?

1.It has a handy foot pedal, so you don’t need to struggle with opening and closing one-handed.

2. The five layer bag and built-in microbial protection seals in nasty diaper odor.

3. Ability to tie your own bag=less waste.

4. The pail holds up to 38 newborn diapers–so sleep addled new parents don’t need to deal with the garbage every day 🙂


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  1. GFC follower – Rachel R.
    My least favorite area of the house to clean is the bathrooms, in particular the toilets!
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    I hate, hate, hate cleaning the toilets! Ugh, especially living with a house full of boys! Lol, Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I don’t like cleaning the bathrooms, especially scrubbing the toilets and showers.

  4. I hate to clean the bathroom the most.

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  5. I HATE cleaning the bathroom. It’s just nasty, and we tend to get those harmless-but-long-legged creepy spiders in the corners. UGH!
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  6. I hate to clean the baby’s room with the poopy diapers in the garbage can. Do it three or four times a week too.

  7. I follow you GFC and hate to clean the kitchen because I have to move the fridge and clean underneath it and clean to coils and it hurts my back to do this why cant they make a self cleaning Fridge!!
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