Half Price Frozen Yogurt at 16 Handles!

Have you ever been to 16 Handles?

Particularly if you have kids, it’s a must try.

The 16 Handles in the name refer to the exactly 16 (no more, no less) flavors of self-serve froyo that you get to choose from…you can even mix and match as many flavors as you want….and add as much or as little of the 40+ self-serve toppings.

My son likes to combine fruity sorbet with birthday cake flavor and as many rainbow colored toppings as he can fit.  My daughter just wants chocolate topped with more chocolate. I’m more of a red velvet and berries purist, myself.

You also get the bonus of feeling eco-friendly, because the franchise uses biodegradable cups and cornstarch spoons.

One caveat: You weigh to pay, so watch how much stuff your kiddo piles on!

Jdeal is offering you a way to alleviate the sticker shock that ensues when you discover the cost of the 5 lbs of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Sprinkles and Chocolate Chips your kiddo piled on top of his or her treat.  You can get $16 for $8 at the new Upper West Side location.

**Disclaimer: I received Jdeal credits in exchange for this post**