27+ Days of Kindness to Honor Newtown–Remembering Noah Pozner

It’s been more than a month since the shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary school…and I worry that the memory of it has already dulled in the American consciousness.  Somewhere, in between throwing around political buzzwords relating to mental illness, parenting, school safety, gun control, we need to make sure that the faces of those lost stay in our collective consciousness.

I signed up for this blog project to help create some good in the wake of this inexplicable tragedy, but I have written and deleted dozens of empty-sounding words multiple times.

It seems almost unavoidable not to fall into cliche.

Who was Noah Pozner?

A son

A twin

A lover of cheese, pickles, salmon and tacos







27 days of kindness seems too small, insignificant…basically as trite and empty as I am finding this post.

It doesn’t have to be.

In the same way that hate and ignorance breeds hate, kindness can also be catching.

The act of kindness which I’d like to suggest is not global at all.  In fact, it’s fairly miniscule.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful kindness to focus on the beautiful traits of our own children?  Next time you want throw your hands in the air and scream because your son is using his shirt as a napkin or your daughter is throwing a fit that her favorite pink shirt is in the wash…wouldn’t it be nice to take a deep breath and focus on the good?

Imagine we all strove for kindness in our own homes–how far could that take us?

To read more about Noah Pozner and his mother’s decision to view his open coffin and give politicians a face to attach to the tragedy, read Naomi Zeveloff’s piece in The Jewish Daily Forward: Noah Pozner’s Family Remembers and Mourns .

To find out more about the Noah’s Ark of Hope Fund to benefit Noah’s siblings


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  2. I’m so in! My kids and I have loved buying starbucks gift cards for military folks, paying other peoples’ tolls on the highway, writing thank you notes for every day moments. Acting kindly has made us notice others’ kindness more readily and we’ll all happier for it.

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