‘Balloon Boy’ fiasco Part II

It seems that Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden is also somewhat peeved at Richard and Mayumi Heene (Falcon,aka Balloon Boy's, parents.)  According to the Associated Press, deputies are trying to obtain a search warrant and the sheriff is seeking to pursue criminal charges.

I guess it wouldn't hold up in court, but I move that the child in question's birth certificate–the one which names him FALCON–be named as exhibit A.

How long before this is a Law and Order episode?

One thought on “‘Balloon Boy’ fiasco Part II

  1. I refuse to give this ridiculous story another headline–but, yet, the whole Balloon Boy fiasco was declared a hoax.
    Now will someone please go and make sure that Falcon has been vomiting on TV from nerves and not from something more serious?!

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