An Ode to the Nut Allergic on National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

Who decides these things?

Anyway, though I am an avowed lover of peanut butter (creamy, not chunky, please), having a peanut-allergic 3.5 year old has somewhat thrown a wrench in the enjoyment of peanut products in my household.  While our larder hasn't gone completely nut-free, all lower shelves most certainly have.  We also try to limit consuming nut products during my son's waking hours.

On this celebratory Day of Peanut Butter, I'd like share a peanut allergy fact: According to an article last year in  Time Magazine, 1% of school age children are afflicted, to some degree, with a peanut allergy and affecting 3+ million families!

Whatever the reason for the outbreak of allergies in this country, one thing is for sure–everyone needs to be more vigilant about keeping these children safe.

If you have no nut allergies in your household, plan a play date for your children with other non nut-allergic friends and try one or more of these fun ways to celebrate or donate a jar of fat and protein rich peanut butter to your local food bank!