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*Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Welch’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating in the Share What’s Good contest.**

Every stage of my kids’ lives seems to go by so quickly–it seemed only yesterday that I had a son starting preschool and a newborn daughter. Now, my son is an almost big kid in Second grade and the newborn is already in PreK. Lightning fast! I am constantly snapping pictures of on my phone so that I can capture every tiny moment–every family adventure, every milestone and every funny face.


Welch’s is encouraging you to upload a photo of your favorite family moment as part of the Share What’s Good contest! One lucky person who does so before October 25 will win $5,000!


Be a Lite Girl–A Jewish Themed Book and CD gift pack








It’s not easy to find a character for a preschool-aged girl who isn’t ‘all princess all the time.’ Yael’s Loving World is a picture book about appreciation of friends and family which aims to impart Jewish values.

If you’re intrigued, you can check out Jdeal until 6/15 for a discounted Lite Girl gift set: It contains the “Yael’s Loving World” introductory picture book, a read-along/sing-along CD, and a YAEL Candy Kit, all wrapped up in the girliest of pink ribbons.

**Disclaimer: I received a voucher in exchange for this post**




Cynthia Nixon Has Rosacea, Do You? (A MamaDrama Advocacy Campaign)

Unless you’ve lived the last 20 years under a rock, or are a real young’un, you know of Cynthia Nixon as Miranda from Sex & the City. Since that iconic show wrapped, she has guest-starred on The Big C, Too Big to Fail and Law and Order: SVU and is currently starring in the Broadway show Wit.

What many people don’t know, is that Cynthia has had to do it all while dealing with the symptoms of Rosacea, a vascular skin condition that effects over 16 million Americans with symptoms that include facial redness, pimples and irritation?


Even though so many people are affected, particularly women 30+ years old, only 10% of sufferers are being treated!


Happy Birthday Elmo: Elmo’s Favorite Things DVD Release Party

Try to imagine a 2 ½ year old’s vision of a perfect day:  a bunch of friends, music , arts and crafts, cookies, candy, cake and balloons are all pretty good ingredients, no?

At Elmo’s 3 ½ year old birthday party (Monsters count birthdays differently than humans, natch), we were even treated to a musical performance from the real Elmo himself with his pal Leela, from Sesame Street.

Throw in a meeting with Elmo and you’ve passed happy and into the realm of completely awestruck. The only catch?  After seeing human sized Elmo impersonators for so long, try to convince the 2 ½ year old in question that the small red puppet with the man’s  hand in his tush is the ‘real’ Elmo. Though a little thrown off, my little one truly enjoyed her hug :) I was just hugely starstruck to meet Kevin Clash!


A peek Into My Kitchen: Sweet & Salty Caramel Apples (nut-free)

To be honest, it has never really occurred to me to cook with pretzels. Every once in a while, I’ve seen a recipe for Pretzel-crusted this or that and I’ve definitely watched an episode or two of Chopped in which pretzels were one of the mystery ingredients…but I don’t generally think of them as more than a snack food staple in my pantry.

That’s actually one of the reasons that I thought it would be fun to do this post–to stretch my culinary imagination a bit.

Trying to figure out what to make, I had a “eureka!” moment. My nut-allergic son rarely gets to eat fun, frivolous carnival food like Caramel Apples because they are generally coated with peanuts. I threw a handful of pretzels in my food processor, dipped some apples in melted caramel and then in the pulverized pretzels. Voila! Nut-free caramel apples which still have the salty-sweet element which is generally provided by roasted peanuts.


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Take 2 ;)

I live in a somewhat edited state of stream of consciousness–so this was fun. When I saw Wendy Bradford’s post on her mamaonetothree blog,  I couldn’t resist.  Funny thing was, that when I read the list of rules, it said not to correct typos, spelling etc…but my fingers are so connected to my thought process when I type that I found that I was already correcting my typos before I even knew that I had made them.  I kind of decided that it would be less stream of consciousness to go back and put them in, no?

Thanks Fadra , for a really cool link-up that sent to me Wendy’s post and back to your blog 🙂

And here goes….
Take 1