@Stonyfield Greek Is a Win (and an inexact smoothie recipe) #meatlessmonday

I try to only buy Organic dairy products for my family, which can get pretty pricey so when Stonyfield offered me the chance to sample their new flavors of Greek yogurt I jumped at the chance…even though I’m not generally a fan of anything with 0% fat.

In the last year or two, Greek yogurt has gotten pretty trendy–with almost every yogurt company trying their hand at making this thicker, creamier yogurt.  I don’t know of any other company that makes a fully Organic product free of GMOs.  But would the taste stand up?


I figured that I’d get to try a container or two…but, as you can see, the folks at Stonyfield wanted to make sure that I could really get my taste on! I got to sample the new flavors: Cafe Latte and Black Cherry, in addition to already established flavors of  Blueberry, Super Fruits and Strawberry.


Food Galore at Your Local Duane Reade Store #drfresh #collectivebias #shop #drbiggame #cbias

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#DRFresh #CollectiveBias

I am not really into convenience foods.  I am constantly making food for my family…generally always from scratch.  That doesn’t, however, mean that it isn’t nice to have a short cut every once in a while…particularly, when the shortcut involves fresh food with real ingredients instead of processed packages of unpronounceables.  Who knew that my neighborhood Duane Reade had so many such shortcuts in its refrigerator section?

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Welch’s Juice Ice Bars: 100% Juice 100% Yummy #spon

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To say that my children are obsessed with ice pops would be an understatement.

I keep junk food to a minimum in my house, but definitely don’t want to deprive my kids of sweet treats–lest they become those children who stuff their faces with garbage every time they go to a friend’s house.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t prefer to buy products with natural ingredients and less preservatives–my kids respond to taste, not ingredient lists!

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I, on the other hand, definitely respond to both.  If convenience also comes into play, I’m an even happier mommy.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for Summer Fun!

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.”

I am one of *those* moms.

The ones who decorate complicated cakes for every birthday.  The ones who trot out batches upon batches of freshly baked and decadently iced cupcakes at the first sign of a cupcake-less preschool event.  I own not one, but two, of those crazy double decker cupcake carriers which, of course, I use to store the 12 zillion colors of food coloring, icing tips, colored sugar, sprinkles and cupcake wrappers that I keep on hand for a cupcake emergency.

The need to frost consumes me.

I tried once, a couple of years ago, to make a batch of those cutesy Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes that I’ve seen pictures of in various magazines and on other people’s blogs.  It was a huge fail of soggy cone and over-baked cupcake.


A peek Into My Kitchen: Seedy Granola #nutfree #allergyfriendly #breakfast

I love granola, but, as the mom of a kid with nut allergies, most packaged brands are off-limits.  This is an easy recipe which, even if your household is allergy-free, is a much cheaper, healthier option than most of what you can find in your supermarket’s cereal aisle.

Note: Some people who are allergic to tree nuts also cannot have coconut, in this case you can easily substitute canola or other mild vegetable oil.  Likewise, any seeds which pose an allergy risk can also be omitted. If you are cooking for someone with a severe allergy, check packages to make sure that the oats, seeds and dried fruit you have purchased have not been packaged on a line with nuts.

Seedy Granola