Sporty Fashion at the New Rookie USA Store #cbias

We aren’t really team sports players in my house.

My husband and I don’t seriously follow any games or root for any teams…and I always wondered how we would support our kids’ interests if they decided to become rabid sports fans.

So far, no problem. Though they’re both still little, I’m not really sensing that either one of them will throw themselves wholeheartedly into following or playing on a team.  I guess you never know what interests surface later on…

That doesn’t mean, however, that my kids aren’t active.  They love to swim, dance and, most of all, run around.

They run around as much as possible.

In order to run around happily, my son and my daughter both require comfy clothes and supportive shoes.


Walgreen’s Rewards and App: Making My Life a Little Easier #BalanceRewards #Cbias

Why, oh why, am I always running out of something?

I can stock my kitchen and my medicine cabinets until they are overflowing, but the one thing that I really need always seems to be just finished.  Story of a mom’s life, I guess.

I am running out to so many different stores so often that my wallet is veritably bulging with rewards cards….finding the right one is never easy when I’m juggling a kid or two, a stroller, a purse and/or a cellphone.

I was SO excited to hear that Walgreens is not only launching a new Rewards program, Balance Rewards, but that you can access the entire tbing on a smartphone app.  Brilliant.