Pump Ease Pumping Band …Look Ma! No Hands! Free shipping code & Giveaway

Breastfeeding didn't work at all with my first child, now that I'm chugging along with my second, I have been desperately seeking any and all help with making this experience more palatable for the both of us. 
Pumping, in my mind, is basically a necessary evil–equal parts bizarre, boring and unpleasant.
I mean, get real, who really wants to be hooked up to a milking machine?
I searched high and low for a pumping band that would help me multi-task like the crazy busy mom that I am…
I first tried the Easy Expression Bustier which is a stiff white band that, though it did the job, made me feel like I was wearing a straight jacket.  When I looked at the Pump Ease website, I was amused that I could order it in a bunch of patterns that made the band look more like an accessory for a fembot than anything else (Note: This is NOT a picture of me!)
When it arrived, I was instantly impressed by the softness and stretchiness of the fabric (made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex) and the cool-factor of the Tuxedo pattern that I had selected.  The Pump Ease definitely continues to make pumping a less dreadful experience. Also super cool? $1 from the on-line sale of every Pump Ease goes to Best for Babes , a non-profit organization which non-judgmentally supports women achieve their own breastfeeding goals.